P-type Radiant tube by centrifugal casting

 P-type Radiant tube by centrifugal casting

Product name: P-type Radiant tube

Material: 1.4848

Size: 603.206.2855mm

Single weight: 204.3kg

Production process: centrifugal casting+precision casting+welding+machining

The picture shows a recently produced P-type Radiant tube, with a size of 603.206.2855mm, 

a weight of approximately 204.3kg, and a material of 1.4848 heat-resistant steel. 

The main body adopts centrifugal casting technology, and the elbow adopts precision casting technology. 

The customer has placed a long-term order for Radiant tubes of different sizes and specifications. 

This batch has undergone various inspections and meets the customer's requirements, and has been arranged for shipment.


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