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Centrifugally spun cast radiant tubes with ASTM A351 HK40 stainless steel

  centrifugal casting radiant tube straight pipe of U-type radiant tube is made of high temperature resistant centrifugal casting pits pipe, bend adopts precision casting technology, U-type radiant tube used for even back, galvanizing line horizontal annealing furnace and silicon steel heat treatment furnace, under the protective atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrogen, radiant tube by natural gas or coke oven gas combustion heat energy, through the outside of the tube radiation radiation heat transfer, uniform operation of the strip from room temperature quickly and evenly heated to about 900 degrees, the strip annealing. U type radiant tube Our company produces U type radiant tube has the characteristic of heat resistance, oxidation   resistance , cost-effective, good product stability. Strict ly  control various processes of U type of radiation tube in the production, and e stablish the organization of the ISO9001 quality assurance system. T o have the effectively protecting of impuriti

Embossing rollers, or engraved rollers for pattern glass rolling machinery

 The embossing rollers are used for production of patterned glass, figured glass, flat glass by rolling machinery. We use the high quality forged steel ,such as 42CrMo,38Crmo ,and we adopt the advanced embossing technology of home and abroad to do the surface pattern. To make sure the roller texture effect of the reduction rate, uniform pattern and vividly,static balance less than the national standard. The hard chromium plating process on roller surface ,guaranteed the usage life efficiently. The embossing roller are widely used for surface embossing in the industry of rolling glass,leather,plastic film,non wave fabric and printing paper.

newsly finished cobalt spinner discs OD400MM for europe customer, longer service life over 280 hours approved

At HEXIN, we supply hundreds of cobalt and nickel spinner discs to glasswool producers home and abroad. Spinner discs for glasswool fiberizing Spinner discsis a key component of the blowing glass wool production line. When fiberizing glass wool is produced by the centrifugal process, the spinner discs is the main part of the centrifuge.  The service life of the spinner discs directly affects the quality, efficiency and cost of the glass wool product. The product uses nickel-based high-temperature alloy and cobalt-based high-temperature stainless steel as materials. It has high high temperature durable fracture strength and high temperature creep resistance, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, molten glass corrosion and erosion resistance, and good machining performance. Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. has the ability to smelt thousands of tons of special high-temperature alloys every year, has the ability of research and development, testing, and has the ability of spec