Cast Door Frame for furnace 1.4848

Cast Door Frame for furnace 1.4848

Product Name: Cast Door Frame for furnace

Material: 1.4848

Size: 200 * 1270 * 1175mm

Single weight: 104kg

Production process: static casting

The picture shows the furnace door frame ordered by the customer, 

made of 1.4848 material, with dimensions of 200 * 1270 * 1175mm and a weight of 104kg. 

Adopting static casting technology, it has been inspected and qualified in all aspects, 

and has been packed and shipped. 

Our company can produce industrial furnace accessories such as heat-resistant steel furnace door frames, 

cast iron furnace doors, and access doors. 

We have rich production experience and reliable product quality to meet the different needs of customers.


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