Cast basket with mesh wire by precision casting

Cast basket with mesh wire by precision casting

Product name: Cast basket with mesh wire

Material: HU+mesh wire 1.4841

Size: Material basket 1160 x 685 x 450mm

Single weight: 118.5kg

Production process: precision casting

The picture shows a batch of heat treated cast baskets that have completed inspection. 

The material is HU+wire mesh 1.4841, with dimensions of 1160 x 685 x 450mm, 

including the basket body, wire mesh, and pull rod. The weight is 118.5kg. 

We use silica sol precision casting technology to customize the height and pull rod for our customers. 

Mainly used for holding workpieces in heat treatment furnaces, 

customers have long-term orders for various specifications of pallet fixtures, 

which have been inspected and qualified in all aspects, and have been packed and shipped.


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