shot blast wear resistant liners casting by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Shot blasting machine wear resistant liners and brackets are produced by resin sand casting, or lost wax investment casting.

Qingdao Hexin Machinery is professional in producing wear resistant liners, and we use special chrome cast iron or manganese steels.

The chrome white cast iron, generally refers to chrome white cast iron containing cementite carbide. 

Since the carbon content of the alloy and the solidification rate of the casting have a great effect on the critical chromium concentration affecting the structural transformation of the carbide, 

it is not possible to define the type of chromium white cast iron according to the chromium content.

Under industrial production conditions, the solidification rate far exceeds the equilibrium transformation rate, plus the influence of carbon, silicon, and manganese in cast iron. In addition to M3c-type carbides, 

M7C3-type carbides also exist in white cast iron containing less than chromium. Moreover, with the increase of chromium content, the amount of m7c3 carbides increases.

According to the results of the long-term practice of the wear-resistant guard plate of the shot blasting machine, many people think that the chrome shot blasting machine were resistant liners containing Cr6% to 8% has a better performance-price ratio.

 Although increasing the chromium content can also improve the wear resistance of the material, the increase in product prices has not been reasonably compensated for by extending the service life. Accordingly, we list the white cast iron containing Cr6% to 8% as a type, 

which is called chrome resistant.

Grinding shot blasting machine guard plate. The wear resistance of medium chromium shot blasting machine guards is lower than that of high chromium cast iron with M7C3 carbides, but it is better than carbon steel and some low alloy steels in terms of abrasive wear resistance.


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