shot blast turbine with curved blades by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Qingdao Hexin Machinery is professional with producing blast turbines for the shot blasting machine.

The blast turbine of the shot blasting machine is the key component of the shot blasting machine, which is also called shot blasting abrator wheel, blasting impeller, or blasting wheels.

Shot blast turbine consists of blade holder,turbines, control cages and blasting blades. Blasting blades can be straight, curved or trapezoid. and its quality and service life directly depend on the blades. 

Because the blade is in a high-speed rotating impeller when it is working, it has to bear the wear of the steel shot abrasive and the erosion wear of the high-speed shot flow. 

Under these two forms of wear, whether the blade is easy to use depends on the material of the blade.

After high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron is applied to the blade of the shot blasting machine, the average life of the blade can be more than 400h. 

Chilling the blade surface with cold iron not only realizes the sequential solidification of the casting, but also produces a dense and uniform fine grain structure on the blade surface. 

Due to the reasonable heat treatment process, the comprehensive function of the blade can be clearly displayed, thus ensuring that the blade can withstand the repeated impact of steel sand for a long time,

 showing good wear resistance and long service life. Broad application prospects.


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