Inlet Manifold for steam cracker by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Inlet Manifold for steam cracker by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.

The medium pressure steam is mixed with the raw material gas and enters the raw material preheating section of the convection chamber to be preheated, then exits the convection chamber, passes through the oil transfer line to the upper manifold at the top of the radiation chamber, and is distributed from the upper manifold into each upper pigtail tube, and then passes through The upper pigtail pipe enters the conversion pipe equipped with catalyst to carry out the conversion reaction. The converted gas after the conversion reaction is led out from the bottom of the conversion pipe through the lower pigtail pipe. The lower pigtail pipe is connected with the lower collecting pipe, and the converted gas collected in the lower collecting pipe is sent to The industrial waste gas heat boiler directly connected to the lower manifold generates steam and cools it down.
Some reformers with a higher outlet operating temperature do not have a lower pigtail, and the reformer is directly connected to the lower header.
Gas collector A coke oven accessory that collects crude gas from each carbonization chamber. Gas headers are circular or trough-shaped pipes welded or riveted from steel plates, mounted on a number of brackets supported by the furnace column, and connected to the riser.

In order to facilitate the outflow of ammonia water and coal tar from the gas collecting pipe, the gas collecting pipe is 6-10% in the direction of the ammonia water flow outlet. of inclination. The crude gas from each carbonization chamber enters the gas collecting pipe through the rising pipe. The temperature of the crude gas escaping from the carbonization chamber is about 800°C. In the riser bridge pipe and the gas collecting pipe, the crude gas is cooled by the sprayed hot ammonia water and condenses most of the coal tar. The limit temperature of the crude gas cooling in the gas header is the adiabatic saturation temperature of the crude gas. Collector pressure is the key to keeping the bottom of each coking chamber under positive pressure throughout the coking process. To adjust the manifold pressure. There are manual and automatic adjustment flaps on the "day" type pipe between the air collecting pipe and the suction pipe. The ammonia water, coal char extraction and tar residue in the gas collecting pipe are introduced into the suction pipe through the tar box.


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