Fabricated Coil of coal to methanol heating furnace by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Fabricated Coil of coal to methanol heating furnace by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

1. Tube bundle
Among the shell-and-tube heat exchangers, the simplest is the single-tube heat exchanger. If the heat transfer surface needs to be increased, the method of increasing the number of tubes is generally used. After the number of tubes is increased, the tube bundle can be divided to prevent the increase of the number of tubes. Afterwards, the flow velocity in the tube and the heat transfer coefficient are reduced. From the perspective of manufacturing, installation and operation, an even number of tube passes is generally used and the number of passes should not be too many.
2. Tube sheet
The tube sheet is one of the important parts of the heat exchanger, which is used to arrange the heat exchange tubes and plays the role of separating the tube side and the shell side space. The thin tube sheet has the advantage of saving materials and is used in medium and low pressure heat exchangers; the oval tube sheet is welded with the shell of the heat exchanger, and the stress conditions are better, and it is suitable for high pressure, large diameter heat exchangers .
3. Baffle baffle rod
The baffle body helps to increase the velocity of the shell side, enhance the turbulence, improve the heat transfer, and play the role of supporting the tube bundle in the horizontal heat exchanger. Commonly used baffles are single bow, double bow, triple bow and so on. The baffle rod is a new type of structure supporting the tube. Its advantages are: under the same heat transfer rate, its pressure drop is more than 50% lower than that of the heat exchanger with arcuate baffles, there is no heat transfer dead zone, and the scaling rate is slow. , which prevents vibrations induced by lateral flow.

HEXIN Machinery produces various OEM wear and corrosion resistant components for the cement, lime, coal, shot blast machines,and iron Ore industries.
The castings HEXIN made generally are made from special irons and manganese steels, which are critically used in the sectiors of cement manufacturing,coal mining (surface and underground), copper smelting,crushers direct reduction of iron (DRI)
Iron ore manufacturing,Lime manufacturing. All the castings manufactured at HEXIN go through strict quality checks at all stages before being supplied to customers.
Typical Mining & Mineral castings:
Ø Cooler grate plates
Ø Drag chain links
Ø Kiln outlets sector
Ø Immersion tubes for Pre heater
Ø Dipping tube assemblies
Ø Thimbles
Ø Air cannons
Ø Grate plates
Ø Drag chains
Ø Pelletizing grates
Ø Feed chutes
Ø Rotary cooler castings
Ø Burner tips
Ø Liners
Ø Brackets,
Ø Cooler grates
Ø Grate bars
Ø Iron ore feeder rolls
Ø Kiln nose rings
Ø Pallet cars
Ø Precipitator thimbles
Ø Traveling grate components


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