transport roller for figured glass rolling by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 patterned roller,patterned roller for solar wire and patterned glass



BeiAn Industrial park, Qingdao,China


QINGDAO HEXIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD has over 30 years production experience for glass roller, especially for the patterned roller.

To make one good quality rollers, we do welding, machining, grinding, mill engraving with laser technologies, drilling and turning, 

special coatings for smooth and engraved rollers, with very mature workmanship, and very reliable quality .

Meanwhile, we also can produce engraved roller, patterned roller, main roller, plain roller, all the roller were produced under customer’s request, 

we welcome you all come to visit our foundry at your convenience.(patterned roller,patterned roller for solar wire and patterned glass)

Install the outer end plates on the shafts at both ends, and connect the welded outer end plates with the joint surfaces of the shaft body and the roller body. 

This is followed by annealing and drilling. The roll blank is annealed to eliminate internal stress, the head of the roll head is flat, and the hole is drilled in the middle of the hole. 

After the pattern processing is completed, the pattern can be processed on the surface of the drum according to the customer's pattern requirements, 

and then equipped with high-tech laser machinery and engraving equipment, the production process is sophisticated and the lines are clear.

Embossing Rolls Embossing rolls play an important role in the production process. 

The embossing roller production personnel have high requirements and rich experience, 

and can formulate the corresponding production process according to the customer's pattern requirements.(patterned roller,patterned roller for solar wire and patterned glass)

In this process, the producer of the embossing roller is very careful and meticulous, which can ensure that the pattern is clear, the sense of hierarchy is strong, 

and the sense of three-dimensionality is strong. Second, chrome plating and inspection are required. Plating needs to be determined according to the application, 

and the calibration is mainly to ensure the balance and stability of the steel rod.


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