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 The meaning, function and structural characteristics of Sink rolls scraper

Sink rolls are commonly used equipment in industrial furnaces. Many friends do not know much about sink rolls scraper device, which is an important auxiliary equipment in continuous hot-dip galvanizing production line. Today, Hecheng Century will introduce the meaning and structural characteristics of the sink rolls scraper device, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of sink rolls and sink rolls.

The sink rolls hanging device is one of the most important auxiliary equipment in the continuous hot-dip galvanizing production line. Its function is to clear and clean the attachments on the sink rolls so that the surface can maintain a certain smoothness during the operation cycle, without the influence of slag and nodules. Strip surface quality.

The sink rolls scraper device used by Asia Pacific Special Cast Steel can effectively solve the technical problems of lead screw jamming deformation, serious nut wear, poor lubrication and unstable pressing force with sink rolls. The application effect is good and the production unit is reduced. Comprehensive cost, the surface quality of galvanized sheet can be effectively improved.


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