Stabilizer Roll for bath roll equipment by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.

 What kind of mechanical seals are used in sink rolls

Sink rolls are a common type of industrial equipment, most commonly seen are hot-dip galvanized sink rolls or stainless steel sink rolls. It is usually used in the printing industry and high temperature boiler fields.

But some people don't know that, in fact, sink rolls sometimes need to use mechanical seals. Then we may have seen mechanical seals for pumps, mechanical seals for reactors, etc., so what is the mechanical seal of sink rolls?

The mechanical seal used for sink rolls is actually similar in principle and use. It is a device with better sealing performance, which is a device to prevent liquid leakage and pollute the environment. Then the general sink rolls mechanical seal is composed of end face seals, auxiliary seals, elastic elements, etc., and in order to make high-quality mechanical seals, the materials used for these elements are also very important.


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