plain rollers main for solar glass machines by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Main rollers, main rollers for glass rolling machine



BeiAn Industrial park, Qingdao,China


QINGDAO HEXIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD is one of the leading suppliers of complete rollers and engravings used in glass rolling production. 

produces thousands of rollers each year, for more than 400 glass production lines in china and abroad. 

For cast rolling glass lines, we supply main rollers: Plain rollers, engraved rollers for all pattern, transport rollers, Table rollers, Positioning rollers. Embossing rollers, patterned roller .

Our roller conveyor system of the annealing lehr for float glass and flat glass production, the cast glass rolling machines for rolling of solar,photovoltaic,decorative, wired and figured glass , patterned glass.

Our roller company is the most professional chinese manufacturer for the conveyor system of the annealing lehr of float glass and flat glass production,

 the cast glass rolling machines for rolling of solar/Photovoltaic,decorative, wired and figured, patterned glass. We produce them strictly according to the clients’ technical requirements. 

We can offer services of roller refurbishment , and to produce new rollers.(Main rollers, main rollers for glass rolling machine)

Roller and its use

As we all know: the roller is a cylindrical part, divided into driving and driven rollers. It is widely used in various transmission and conveying systems such as rotary screen printing machines, digital printers, mining conveying equipment, papermaking and packaging machinery.

It is usually made of seamless steel pipes, and depending on the process, such as aluminum alloy 6061T5, 304L/316L stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, steel castings, and solid forged alloy steel cores are used as materials.

The production of the roller mainly consists of the first rolling of the roll body, the preliminary static balance, the interference assembly and welding of the shaft head, the fine turning and the fine tuning of the dynamic balance. 

If the behavioral tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness are required to be less than 0.2mm, it is necessary to use a cylindrical grinder or a roll grinder for grinding after finishing. 

If the surface hardness is required, it is necessary to increase the heat treatment process.

After the roller is formed, for the needs of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wear resistance and support, surface treatment or coating such as painting, galvanizing, TEFLON spraying, rubber coating, chrome plating, 

ceramic spraying and oxidation are also required.(Main rollers, main rollers for glass rolling machine)


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