investment cast furnace trays by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Cast trays and basketsheat resistant alloy cast trays and baskets


Address:  BeiAn Industrial park, Qingdao,China


QINGDAO HEXIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD is one of the major professional producers cast trays and baskets for heat treatment furnaces.

We manufacture cast trays and baskets for batch furnace and skid hearth furnace, casting stackable baskets for heat treatment furnaces, roller hearth trays , serpentines trays , heat treatment furnace fixtures, jigs, for chamber furnace, pit furnaces. 

 fan wheels, skid riders, walking beams, furnace roller rails and rollers, charging racks, furnace doors, carrier bars, spiders castings, cross beams, loading bars, cast link belts, centrifugal cast furnace rolls, radiant tubes, heat recuperators, skid riders, sink rolls, stabilizer rolls, arms, 

 bushes and sleeves,and petrochemical cast catalyst tubes, pyrolysis furnace parts, tube sheets, tube supports, tube hangers, incinerator grate bars, air cooled grates, water cooled grate blocks, muffles, rotary retorts, etc.,

HEXIN heat treatment fixtures are used widely in the furnaces of IPSEN,AICHELIN, FENGDONG ,etc.,We have a lot of moulds models for the trays and baskets for those furnaces, with different sizes and designs, we can also customize the design for you.

At QINGDAO HEXIN, we produce heat treatment furnace components by  investment casting or lost wax casting method,  and sand casting method.

We produce various heat resistant castings with  high nickel and high chrome heat-resistant special alloys, cobalt alloys, like HU, HT, HK, HP, HW, 50Cr/50Ni (2.4813), 1.4865, 1.4849, 1.4848, 1.4852, 2.4879 , 

and all those alloys can work at very high temperature as critical components. (Cast trays and baskets,  heat resistant cast trays and baskets )

Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd.  is the expert for heat treatment fixtures, from design to produce, we believes that the following requirements should be paid attention to when selecting the material for the heat treatment tray.

1. Can withstand the stress caused by high temperature operation without losing structural strength, softening deformation or cracking or collapsing.

2. The volume is stable at high temperature, and the masonry will not be deformed or broken due to expansion and contraction.

3. It will not crack or peel off when the temperature changes or the heating is uneven.

4. It should have certain chemical resistance.

5. It should have sufficient strength and wear resistance to withstand the corrosion and impact of high temperature and high-speed flame, smoke and slag.

6. It should have good construction performance, meet the project quality requirements, and comply with relevant labor protection, environmental protection regulations and technical specifications.(Cast trays and baskets,  heat resistant cast trays and baskets )


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