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 Introduction to the main methods of preventing sink rolls bearings from rusting

In the use of sink rolls, we will find that the accessories are prone to rust. The most common one is the rust of the sink rolls bearings. Therefore, we must find ways to solve this problem when producing sink rolls. Today, I will introduce the prevention of sink rolls. The primary method of rusting in rolls bearings.

First, choose corrosion-resistant materials: mainly non-ferrous metal alloys and stainless steel.

Second, the metal surface prefabricated metal (alloy) or non-metallic coating:

1. Conversion coating: blackening (blue), phosphating, anodizing;

2. Surface alloying: nitriding, galvanizing, siliconizing, aluminizing, chroming, etc.;

3. Metal coating: electroplated metal, sprayed metal, hot dip plating, chemical plating, etc.;

4. Non-metallic covering: enamel, ceramic, paint, plastic, rubber, etc.;

5. Coating anti-rust materials: anti-rust water, cutting fluid, gas phase corrosion inhibitor, peelable plastic, anti-rust oil, anti-rust grease, etc.

Third, cathodic protection method: an electrochemical method in which the cathode is protected by sacrificing the anode. For example, in seawater, the magnesium block is used as the anode to connect with the steel plate, and the steel plate becomes a cathode for protection by passing an electric current. Underground pipelines and chemical equipment are also the other anode and energized to protect the steel parts (cathode).

Fourth, control the environment to prevent corrosion.

1. Use a dehumidifier and humidification to reduce the temperature, control the relative humidity below 60~70%, and the metal corrosion will slow down; when the relative humidity is lower than 60%, the non-metal will not be mildewed and deteriorated;

2. Nitrogen filling or vacuum packaging can delay corrosion;

3. Packaging built-in corrosion inhibitor;

4. When steel products are heated in an electric furnace (high temperature), a protective atmosphere is formed in the furnace or real home heating.

To sum up, there are many ways to prevent metal corrosion of sink rolls bearings, and many factors should be considered to determine the choice, such as: the working environment of the parts, the service conditions of the parts, the safety of production, the degree of pollution to the environment, and the manufacturing cost.


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