air knife positioner for galvanizing lines by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Air knife positioner, air knife positioner for galvanizing lines


Address:  BeiAn Industrial park, Qingdao,China


Qingdao Hexin Machinery produces various critical parts for Galvanizing and Galvalume zinc-aluminum lines. 

Our major products used for Air knife equipments like Air knife positioner, Air knife Units includes Air knife nozzle, Nozzle Lip, Lip gap adjustment device, Lip cleaner  or Lip cleaning device, Lip gap partial closing device and Edge baffle systems.

The Air knife positioner fabricated by HEXIN machinery  is to control the location of the air knife system, with retraction which moves the whole air knife unit to the front of the zinc pot.

The positioner are made by welding, machining,and fabrications, which is to  adjusts height, distance, skew & scan of air knife equipment for wiping position.

The HEXIN air knife positioner can control height scope 0-780mm, distance 0-120mm, skew± 25mm, scan ± 55mm.

Our foundry workshop has over 20 years experience producing different castings for pot roll equipments and annealing furnaces, other than air knife wiping equipments, we also produce typical parts like Sink roll, Stabilizer roll,  Correcting roll,  Sink roll carrier, Radiant tubes,  Water cooled rolls, Hearth Rolls, Hot bridle rolls, Cast snouts, Stellite Bushes and Sleeves.

For Galvanizing and Galvalume zinc-aluminum lines, HEXIN also supplies reliable accessories like Zinc feed pumps  and Zinc dross grab with different sizes and designs.


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