weld assembled heat recuperators by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 HEXIN recuperator elements are produced by lost wax investment casting method, with skilled gating system design thanks to the 30 years precision casting experience.

The cast finned section are produced by lost wax invesment casting method, diameters ranges from 75mm. to 500 mm. 

After PT, RT , the finned sections will be assembled with other burner parts for entire recuperators.

The major applications like: recuperators for radiant tubes;stack recuperators for bell furnaces;recuperators for recuperative burners, etc.,

The regenerative heat recuperators transfer heat from the high-temperature fluid to the low-temperature fluid through a heat storage body composed of solid materials.

 After the heating medium reaches a certain temperature by heating the solid material, the cold medium is heated by the solid material to make it reach the heat The purpose of delivery.

Regenerative heat exchangers include rotary and valve switching types.


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