table roller coated with rubber by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The production of rubber rollers is divided into four processes: rubber mixing, roller shell treatment, rubber encapsulation and vulcanization.

The rubber mixing removes the large particles that are not dispersed during mixing and some impurity particles.

Roll shell treatment increases the specific surface area of ??the roll shell surface to increase the contact strength between the roll shell and the base rubber.

According to the use environment and function of the rubber roller, the rubber encapsulation can adopt a one-layer structure, a two-layer structure or a three-layer structure (different levels of rubber have different properties).

The vulcanization time varies from ten hours to sixty or seventy hours depending on the size of the rubber roller and the characteristics of the rubber material.

Mechanical processing of rubber rollers: The vulcanized rubber rollers need to go through machining processes such as turning, grinding, drilling, grooves, etc. according to their use functions, and then undergo visual inspection and dynamic balance testing. They can be delivered to customers after they are fully qualified use.


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