stainless steel lehr rollers by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Steel rollers for float glass annealing lehr

The function of the lehr rollers: The glass is sent to the cold end smoothly, and the glass thickness and the amount of drawing can be controlled with the edge puller. 

When there is a problem with the tin bath and the large furnace, the tin bath and the annealing furnace can be quickly removed. The glass is sent to the falling plate and shattered.

The technical parameters and performance of the roller table of the annealing furnace: the specifications of the conveying glass, that is, the width of the original plate: 4400mm-5200mm, 

the thickness of the glass is 2mm-19mm, the total length of the roller table is 129M, the reference height of the bus bar on the roller is: 1100mm (except the adjustable roller ),

 the total number of rollers is 239

There are three types of steel rollers, a total of 81: 3 transition rollers, diameter: 363mm, material: HK40,1.4848, 16 adjustable rollers, diameter: 363mm, material: HK40,1.4848, lowering amount 30mm; ordinary steel 62 rollers, diameter: 363mm, material: 1.4301,

There are two types of asbestos rollers, a total of 121, resin ring rollers, 37 in number, diameter 330mm, material: resin.


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