spinner discs casting for fiberizer by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Spinner discs for glasswool fiberizing

Spinner discsis a key component of the blowing glass wool production line.

When fiberizing glass wool is produced by the centrifugal process, the spinner discs is the main part of the centrifuge. 

The service life of the spinner discs directly affects the quality, efficiency and cost of the glass wool product.

The product uses nickel-based high-temperature alloy and cobalt-based high-temperature stainless steel as materials.

It has high high temperature durable fracture strength and high temperature creep resistance, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, molten glass corrosion and erosion resistance, and good machining performance.

Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. has the ability to smelt thousands of tons of special high-temperature alloys every year, has the ability of research and development, testing, and has the ability of spectrum analysis in front of the furnace.

The spinner discs casting fiberizer produced by our company are positioned at high-end quality, mainly exported abroad, and have obvious quality advantages compared with other peer products:

The small holes are resistant to high temperature erosion by glass liquid, have long service life, and have good resistance to high temperature creep deformation. 

The original spinner discs is affected by high-temperature centrifugal force. The height of the spinner discs is reduced and the middle diameter is enlarged into a waist drum shape, which affects the centrifugal glass wool The forming principle.

The castings are made from our own patented materials cobalt base alloys or nickel base alloys,regular diameters ranges from OD200 to OD500mm, like diameters Φ300mm,Φ303mm,Φ320mm, Φ360mm,Φ380mm, Φ390mm, Φ400mm,Φ406mm etc.

The service life of the spinner discs produced by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. is not less than 120T glass output.

With reliable quality and sound reputation, our company has established long term supply relationships with many foreign glass wool fiberizing companies.

Under this circumstance, our company decided to promote and introduce our spinnder discs casting to large glass wool production companies at home and abroad. 

Our company can process and manufacture according to your company’s drawings. Please indicate the diameter and the number of holes when ordering. A quotation will be given according to the drawings and specifications.


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