radiant cast tube support by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The alloy steel castings produced by HEXIN Machinery have good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, and no slag inclusions, sand holes, 

shrinkage holes, cracks and other conventional casting defects, major products for petrochemical industry like:

Centrifugal cast tubes, cast tube sheets, convection intermediate tube supports, hooks, tube sheets brackets and hangers, various furnace doors/peep doors or observation doors, 

air preheaters, flue baffles, butterfly valves, quick-opening dampers, compensators, flue duct systems, etc.

The furnace hooks are used to hang furnace tubes in heating furnaces. 

They are used in high-temperature working conditions. The material has high temperature resistance like ASTM A351 Gr.HK40.

The draw tube sheet hanger is used to fix the furnace tube in the heating furnace and is installed on the side wall of the heating furnace. 

It is produced by static casting process. The material has high temperature resistance. The general material is ASTM A351 Gr.HK40.

The Christmas tree tube rack is a heat-resistant alloy steel cast tube rack with a special structure. 

It is called a Christmas tree tube rack because it looks like a Y-shape, like a Christmas tree. Manufactured by static casting process.

Centrifugal casting tube rack, our company uses centrifugal casting process to produce heat-resistant alloy tubes, which are used for the tube support tube racks

 of horizontal tube heating furnaces.

The peep doors or observation doors are installed on the wall of the heating furnace shell is used to manually open and observe whether the burner flame in the heating furnace is normal. 

The material of the fire gate is generally gray cast iron ASTM A48, which is manufactured through a static casting process.


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