invesment casting tires for wet rolls by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 wet rolls for tunnel furnaces

HEXIN water cooled rolls have been performing well in tunnel furnaces throughout the world ,which are made by high nickel alloy tires welded to steel shaft, including a castable refractory or without the refractory.

The wet rolls perform well in atmospheres over 1300 degrees  C. 

The nickel alloy tires are made from heat reistant stainless steel like 2.4879, by lost wax invesment casting method with special heat treatment.

We also supply customized alloy tires or ring to customers for installation by themself.

We also produce other castigns for CSP plants, like dry rolls for tunnel furnaces, riders for walking beam or pusher type reheating furnaces in nickel and cobalt based alloys, looper rolls, run out table rolls, wrapper rolls.

Other components for plate mill and tube mills like tube mill pierce points,plate mill heat treat hardening furnace rolls, rider tiles, hearth skids, buttons, drop-out skids,recuperator boxes, recuperator tubes


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