incinerator grates by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

The incinerator grate bars are made by lost wax investment casting method , with heat resistant stainless steel material, by aluminum mould.

With over 30 year experience with investment castings, our skilled foundry engineers always design the most suitable gating system to guarantee the inside quality of castings.

We supply various components for incineration plant furnaces, like air cooled incinerator grates, water cooled incinerator grate bars, front panels, side wall, guide beams,combustion grates, roof components,etc.,

The grate system is the core part of the grate type waste incinerator. 

It plays a vital role in the overall process route, incineration effect, project cost, economic benefit, etc.

The waste incineration grate is mainly composed of reciprocating moving parts. 

The garbage is pushed onto the grate through the feeding device, heated at high temperature in the furnace, so that part of the garbage can be dried, and the garbage is pushed forward by the movement of the grate. 

At the same time, the garbage layer is loosened, and the fuel (garbage) is gradually passed through the various stages of drying, ignition, burning, and burnout to make it completely burnt.


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