incinerator grate bar air cooled by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The incinerator grate bars are made by lost wax investment casting method , with heat resistant stainless steel material, by aluminum mould.

With over 30 year experience with investment castings, our skilled foundry engineers always design the most suitable gating system to guarantee the inside quality of castings.

We supply various components for incineration plant furnaces, like air cooled incinerator grates, water cooled incinerator grate bars, front panels, side wall, guide beams,combustion grates, roof components,etc.,

The mechanical grate type incinerator has a variety of grate forms. 
Currently, the main applications include reverse push type grate, forward push type grate, drum type grate, etc.; its main function is the reciprocating mechanical movement of the grate. 
Drive the movement and turnover of domestic garbage.
At present, the mechanical grate type incinerators mainly used at home and abroad include Germany's Martin grate furnace technology, Japan's Hitachi Shipbuilding grate furnace technology, etc. 
These technologies have different structures and characteristics in their core grate parts.


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