heat recuperators burner parts by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 HEXIN recuperator elements are produced by lost wax investment casting method, with skilled gating system design thanks to the 30 years precision casting experience.

The cast finned section are produced by lost wax invesment casting method, diameters ranges from 75mm. to 500 mm. 

After PT, RT , the finned sections will be assembled with other burner parts for entire recuperators.

The major applications like: recuperators for radiant tubes;stack recuperators for bell furnaces;recuperators for recuperative burners, etc.,

Regenerative heat recuperators are used in many industrial processes, and the preheating of combustion air is a typical application field.

It can use the heat energy in the combustion exhaust gas to preheat the unburned gas, so as to achieve the purposes of burning low-grade fuel, improving the thermal efficiency of the combustion process, 

and achieving a higher combustion reaction temperature.

In this way, the regenerative heat exchanger can be used in metal reduction and heat treatment processes, as well as glass furnace installations, boilers in power plants, high-temperature air combustion installations, and gas turbine installations.


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