hammers clinker crusher by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The toggle plate of the jaw crusher (or the toggle plate of the jaw crusher) is a precisely calculated cast iron piece that is used to adjust the size of the discharge opening and compensate for the wear between the jaw plate, toggle plate and toggle pad. It is not only a force transmission component, but also a safety part of the crusher. When the unbreakable material falls into the crusher and the machine exceeds the normal load, the toggle plate is immediately broken and the crusher stops working, thereby avoiding damage to the entire machine. The toggle plate and toggle plate pad adopt a rolling contact method, and there is little friction under normal use, and only a layer of grease is applied to the contact surface.

The high chromium composite hammer head adopts the most advanced composite casting process in the contemporary era. The hammer head is made of high chromium cast iron with the best wear resistance, and the hammer handle is made of alloy steel with the strongest toughness, which integrates toughness and wear resistance. Wear-resistant without breaking, it is the perfect combination of steel and iron, so that the product has good comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, impact resistance, safety and reliability. The service life is 4 times that of forging hammers or high manganese steel hammers, but the price is Its 2 times, in line with the need for high frequency of hammer head replacement in small sand and gravel production lines, has extremely strong economic benefits, and is the first choice for small sand and gravel production lines.

HEXIN is focusing on castings with several casting methods, like sand casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting, for various industries, with heat resistant stainless steel, wear resistant steel, etc, major products for cement plants like:

 upper lower segments for immersion tubes, connecting plates, cast sleeve supports, retaining plates, nozzles, dispersion plates, locking pins, flaps with shaft and various spares for preheaters       


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