galvanizing snout by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The zinc pump mainly uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating impeller to throw out the zinc liquid. The difference between it and the ordinary centrifugal pump is that its working medium is different. The main components such as the impeller, casing and sealing sleeve of the zinc pump are all made of zinc corrosion-resistant alloy steel imported from Germany, which effectively controls the flow rate, temperature drop, and thermal expansion coefficient of the material in the pump. 

To meet the special requirements of long-term repeated use, it is welcomed and favored by hot-dip galvanizing units.

The zinc pump plays a role in transporting zinc liquid, usually from a low place to a high place. For the overflow galvanizing process, the zinc pump is one of the essential key equipment. High-speed rotating zinc pump components are easily corroded by zinc liquid, leading to premature failure of the zinc pump. Therefore, solving the problem of material corrosion is the key to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the zinc pump.

HEXIN Machinery uses the zinc pump made of its own unique corrosion-resistant material to better solve this problem and ensure the normal operation of the zinc pump.


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