Ethylene cracking furnace tube by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Ethylene cracking furnace tube

Tubular cracking furnace is the main technology for ethylene production, ethylene cracking furnace including: heating systems , heat recovery systems ,  reaction system , the device includes burner , radiant section , convection section , quench system , the high pressure steam system . Cracking furnace tubes are used in the radiant section , also known as the radiant section tubes . Cracking tube’s working temperature is 1000 ℃ -1150 ℃. It is an important equipment of ethylene cracking furnace . Ethylene cracking furnace radiant section tube parts include centrifugal casting tube , centrifugal casting tube bending , static casting pipe fittings , forgings, rolled tubes and other components.

Use Metal centrifugal casting process , molten steel is cast into a variety of tube blank under centrifugal force ,through deep hole boring machine boring the hole, lathe groove welding , assembly and welding to be long tube . Long tube with extension flange , strengthen joints, and other accessories assembled conical bottom tubes are welded into conversion ; long tube  and elbows, tees , and other fittings  assembly are welded into ethylene cracking tube .

Material grades is in strict accordance with standard for customers in different countries, commonly used material grades :

General centrifugal casting products supply specifications:

Cracking tube: OD 50mm-200mm,wall thickness 5mm-20mm

Manifold: OD 100mm-400mm,wall thickness 10mm-40mm

Static casting supply specifications :

90°elbow,180°elbow,tee , palm tube, three-dimensional shaped elbow , hanging pieces etc.


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