embossing rollers for rolling glass by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Embossing roller

Our roller company is the most professional Chinese manufacturer for the conveyor system of the annealing lehr of float glass and flat glass production, 

the cast glass rolling machines for rolling of solar/Photovoltaic,decorative, wired and figured glass, patterned glass. 

We produce them strictly according to the clients’ technical requirements. We can offer services of roller refurbishment, our roller refurbishing services could work world widely, and to produce new rollers.

We are the most professional roller maker in China, we covered more than 80% of the market for rollers used in the annealing lehr of the float and flat glass , 

like Annealing lehr rollers,Steel Lift Out Rollers; Stainless Steel Rollers; Covered Rollers; Metal Donut Ringed Rollers for famous glass producers like Asahi Glass ; Saint-Gobain Glass; Pilkington Plc; Fives Stein;  CNUD-EFCO ;CTIEC, 

the quality of our rollers is as good as rolls from BYC rolls, or new hudson corporation; and rollers for flat glass rolling machines like Main rollers: Plain rollers, engraved rollers for all pattern Transport rollers, Table rollers, Positioning rollers. Engraved rollers; Embossing rollers; transport rollers for cast glass/flat glass. Patterned roller


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