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The bracket is a connecting piece that connects more than two components, and it is also the most numerous component in the hull structure. It can increase the rigidity of the connection node and ensure the continuity of the intersecting structure, and at the same time can transmit various forces, reduce the stress concentration at the connection and improve the manufacturability of the joint. Toggle is the most widely used connection form, such as the connection of side longitudinals and bottom ribs or longitudinals, the connection of beams and longitudinal girders, and the connection of ribs and beams.

Most of the brackets are shaped like triangles. Large-size brackets have folded edges or panels on the free sides and stiffeners are set on them. In the oil tanker, the free edge of the bracket is shaped into an arc. It can be divided into beam brackets, bilge brackets, etc. according to the different positions of the parts; according to their different functions, they can be divided into anti-tilt brackets, through brackets, etc.

HEXIN is focusing on castings with several casting methods, like sand casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting, for various industries, with heat resistant stainless steel, wear resistant steel, etc, major products for cement plants like:

mill liners, grinding rollers/tires and tables, upper ,side casing liners, grinding table segments, roller chasis, protective rings for raw mills



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