ceramic radiant tube heater by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 HEXIN supply various radiant tubes made by centrifugal casting method, like U type, W type, Straight type, P type ,etc., and the inner ceramic tube heaters.

The inner core of the electric heating radiant tube is composed of a resistance wire welded at the ends of the U-shaped axial arrangement and a ceramic support frame.

 There is no shield between the inner core and the outer protective sleeve, and the heat dissipation is good.

 The electric heating radiant tube with a rated working temperature of 1000 degrees, the resistance wire is made of Cr20Ni80 or 0Cr21Al6Nb, and the surface working temperature can reach 1200 degrees.

 The maximum working temperature of the electric heating radiant tube with this material can reach 1000 degrees, and the support frame is made of high aluminum ceramic parts. 

The outer protective sleeve is a cold-drawn seamless thin-walled heat-resistant steel pipe made of 1Cr25Ni20Si2 or 1Cr25Ni35Si2. 


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