centrifugal cast radiant tube with ceramic heater by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The material has good high-temperature oxidation resistance, high high-temperature creep strength, and certain anti-carburization performance. The radiant tube design and material selection safety factor Larger.

The electric heating radiant tube with a rated working temperature of 1200 degrees, the resistance wire is made of 0Cr27Al7Mo2, and the surface working temperature can reach 1400 degrees. 

The short-term maximum working temperature of the electric heating radiant tube with this material is 1250 degrees, and the support frame is made of steel jade porcelain.

 The outer protective sleeve is a cold-drawn seamless thin-walled heat-resistant steel pipe made of Fe-Ni-Cr-Al-Re alloy. This material has ultra-high oxidation resistance. 

It can work for a long time at 1300 degrees in an oxidizing atmosphere and short-term resistance at 1360 degrees. Oxidation. 

HEXIN supply various radiant tubes made by centrifugal casting method, like U type, W type, Straight type, P type ,etc., and the inner ceramic tube heaters.

It is suitable for working in high temperature, low oxygen partial pressure and environment containing S and C.

In addition to supporting domestic heat treatment equipment manufacturers, the electrothermal radiant tubes developed and produced by our factory can also research, design and manufacture non-standard heaters for users.

 According to the situation of use, they can be divided into: heat-resistant steel seamless tubes, plate rings Welded pipe, centrifugal cast pipe and non-metallic casing, etc.


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