air knife by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 The role of air knife made by HEXIN:

The laminar gas blown from the air knife lip to the steel strip has a dual role, one is zinc scraping, and the other is cooling. 

The dominant role is whether to scrap zinc or cool, which is determined by the size of the gap between the knife lip and the gas pressure.

 It is decided that when the gas pressure is constant, the size of the lip gap determines the leading role of the gas.

The introduction of air knife made by HEXIN:

Control the position of the air knife with high precision: 0.02mm

Automatic closed-loop high-precision control based on zinc layer thickness gauge

Control the zinc layer with the highest precision under different strip steel and production conditions

The precise settings of the gap and contour of the knife lip are extremely excellent

The precise purge mode ensures the best coating quality

Three-nozzle knife lip, completely eliminate defects such as zinc liquid flow marks


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