water cooled hearth rolls by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 water cooled hearth rolls:

This company produces the water-cooled heart roller use different special steel according to different  working conditions. We manufacture roll ring, shaft head, roll, we use a variety of process in order to ensure that products are qualified for its role.

Especially the temperature of cooling water in the annealing furnace has great effect on the quality of product, especially in high strength, low carbon steel and the influence of the flatness.

water cooled hearth rolls

After the size cut, the thin slabs are conveyed into furnace directly after that are conveyed by hearth rolls to the hot roll mills.

special operating conditions demands the products with high temperature resistant, to meet the operating conditions, we make the roll collars, spindle noses and roll barrels by different types of special steel and different kinds of process method to ensure the products quality.


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