vertical annealing furnace roller by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 vertical annealing furnace roller:

    My company has many years of mature technology and technical accumulation in the field of furnace roller production , the different working condition of the with alloy material is used to ensure the quality of the furnace roller, excellent performance. Steel grades with commonly used : shaft head (SUS304, 1 cr18ni9ti, etc.), roll neck and shaft neck (ZG30Cr26Ni12, ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2)

Horizontal furnace annealing furnace roller,Vertical annealing furnace furnace roller:

   Used for continuous annealing line and galvanizing line horizontal annealing furnace, under the hydrogen nitrogen protective environment, the furnace temperature is about 700--1000℃,to complete heat treatment process by transporting lenient plate with even rapidthe diameter is 100--500mm,centrifugal casting for roll body, precision casting for journal and end bell, forging for shaft head.

   Common used steel number is: shaft head (SUS304, 1Cr18Ni9Ti etc ),roll body and bell end ( ZG30Cr26Ni12ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2 ).


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