I- type radiant tube by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd

 I- type radiant tube:

Lenient plate heat treatment furnace usually used for normalizing furnace, hardening furnace, hydrogen nitrogen protective environment, the inner furnace temperature is 500 to 900 according to Burner heating.

straight pipe adopt centrifugal casting technology, liquid steel casted into various types of  tube blank under the effort of centrifugal force, according to boring internal hole with boring mill, machining and welding according to the drawing. Commonly used material isZG40Cr25Ni20Si2 ZG40Ni35Cr25NbZG45Ni48Cr28W5Si21.48481.48522.4879,Flange made by forging and machining,each step was under the strictly quality control, PT100%,RT,PMI,all these is to make sure the offered radiant tube have long usage life.


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