heat resistant sink rolls by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 heat resistant sink rolls;

    Qingdao hexing machinery co., LTD is specializing in the supply of heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, my company supplies galvanized wire sink rolls with the centrifugal casting, composite shaft head adopts static casting process, it has good heat-resistance and corrosion-resistance, its material usually includes 316 l, 317 l and Cr22Ni4.

Sink roll:

The sink roll is used for galvanizing line zinc pot system, the continuous galvanizing line completes the galvanizing process according to the three roll six arm of zinc pot  system,the three rollers of zinc pot are all passive roller, with centrifugal casting of roll  body, precision casting of assembly shaft head, Commonly used material is 316L,317L   and Cr22Ni4, the regular specification is 500-800.

    Three rollers and six arms,as the necessary accessories for our production of galvanizing line and Galvanized aluminium line,has made a big technological breakthrough  in this industry.The ML-2material of aluminum plating zinc sink roll which we researched with the authority partners has overcame the flaw for sink roll and stabilizer roller  of  short usage life.


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