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 electric radiant tubes

With many years of production experience, the electric heating radiation tube produced by our company has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. Electric radiant tubes is the closed electric heating element in the outer sleeve pipe, an outer sleeve pipe for high-temperature alloy centrifugal tube casting and ohmic heating electric radiant tube, consists of a casing indirectly the heat radiation to the lining and the workpiece is heated and radiation electric heating tube used for continuous annealing line and galvanizing line continuous furnaces, pit type furnace, etc.

Electricity heated radiant tube:

With many years experience, the electricity heated radiant tube we manufactured are approved by customers from europe and the USA. Closed the electric heating element in outer sleeve ,the outer sleeve is kind of high temperature alloy centrifugal casting tube, Internal heat to electrical heating core, After the electrical heating, radiate the heat to furnace lining and heated workpiece indirectly through outer sleeve, this radiant tubes are usually used for continuous furnace, roller furnace and pit furnace of continuous annealing line and galvanizing line. Commonly used material for 1.48482.4879etc,the regular size is OD203mm,OD216mm.


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