Coating furnace roller by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Coating furnace roller:

The coating furnace roller are used for high-end automotive panels, home appliance plate continuous annealing, galvanizing line of vertical annealing furnace, under the protection of the atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrogen, inside temperature of coating furnace  is about 800 - 1200 degrees, to complete the annealing process with rapid and uniform transportation; roller diameter is: 600mm-1500mm

Coated roller:

  Usually used for high-end car plate,continuous annealing line and galvanizing line horizontal annealing furnace of household appliance panel,under the hydrogen nitrogen protective environment,the furnace temperature is about 800℃--1200℃to complete heat treatment process by transporting lenient plate with even rapid.The diameter of roller is 600--1500mm,the furnace roller is same as above,it can use supersonic or explosive spraying a variety of special coating,the surface coating improve the furnace roller hardness,the surface becomes much more stabilizing during the operation,Greatly reduces the surface scratches and improve the plate quality.

Commonly used coating:LC1C,WC,LCO56LCO117 etc.


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