Cast basket bottoms by Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

 Cast basket bottoms:

Our company has many years experience in the production of heat tray, basket and other heat resistant steel castings, such as industrial furnace, carburizing furnace, heat treatment material rack, the company has a variety of specifications, models of heat treatment material tray, material basket mold. We can also customize heat treatment furnace specifications for you to tailor a variety of sizes of the material tray, the basket.

Vacuum furnace tray,heat treatment furnace baskets

 QINGDAO HEXIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD specializes in producing vacuum furnace baskets, loading baskets frames, round baskets , square baskets. the main dimensions of the loading baskets are:400*250*100、900*600*600、600*400*400、700*500*500、450*300*300MM, Products can be used for scientific research , military industry, metallurgy , petrochemical , coal, mining, electricity , machinery, building materials , environmental protection and other industries’ heat treatment shops . A part of the materials are : 1.4848,1.4852,2.4879, Co20, Co50 etc.



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